May 28th, 2012


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Recent highlights:

     Someone from the sheriff's office showed up at my door at 8 am Saturday to give me papers notifying me of foreclosure proceedings on the building where I live...and I was not at ALL appropriately dressed. Really rather funny! =P (I'd had a heads up that everyone else got their papers while I was in California, so this was not news to me.)

     Spent part of Saturday afternoon at the Towners and got to show them trip photos. (Note to brother and sister-in-law: you are not permitted to take down the crazy ceiling fan in the guest room until they get to visit and see it for themselves! They really liked it! ;) Near the end of my visit, there were strange sounds on my roof, and Joe went out and found some hailstones in the yard--one the size of a golf ball!

     Can't have 24 hours (especially on a weekend) without rain around here, but at least the flooding that happened while I was at the Towners and church afterward did not get past my closet. And the torrential storms that came through Sunday night missed me completely, praise God!

     On Sunday, I got out to the movie theater and escaped some of the nasty 90 F/32 C temps by watching 'Avengers' again. Great fun! Also made lots of progress with 'Delarun' section 2 writing. Not only did I finish chapter 5, but I'm now within spitting distance of 'Delarun' reaching the 100k word mark, hurrah!

     And today is Memorial Day! Wonderful to have a day off work and hopefully get more writing done too...