March 6th, 2015


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Good stuff:

     Delighted to spot a bald eagle on the bus ride home two days in a row this week. Despite the cold of late, they know spring is coming.

     Thursday morning it was around -8 out, and less than 40 hours later it's 38! They're actually talking 50 next week! It's going to be quite a shock having such a temperature change, but I'm looking forward to spring getting underway.

     March 7th brings my area to the 1 year anniversary of the big BD implementation. Good reminder that I've made it through a year (plus 6 months for me with building the project) of working with that area and I have not yet jumped out the window, had a complete meltdown, or tried to strangle anyone. That means I can make it through another year, right?

     Very glad for a weekend that is actually going to be at least partially above freezing! Can't forget--hurrah for a payday!