January 30th, 2017


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A fast full weekend:
     Friday night was a sweet spot, as I'd finally gotten far enough with my art project (which has been giving me loads of setbacks) that I could get Geren and t'DoL together in Poser (because I haven't even started building in Vue yet!). Then I had far too much delight doing test renders from various angles as I fine-tuned, and thoroughly reminding myself that working on art with both of them together is the happiest place in the world for me.
     Sunday was the big day. I'd invited my coworker Dawn to come to church with me, so we spent most of the day together. First church, then she got to see my place (not at all what she expected), then we went to a home consignment store I thought she'd find interesting, and after that a late lunch. It was a great day, save for making the weekend feel one day long!
     Very glad to be able to make progress with 'Furthest Leap' both Saturday and Sunday night and be (finally) bearing down on the ending. Whew!