March 14th, 2018


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The good stuff:

     I'm grateful that the drama on the bus heading to church Sunday wasn't any worse. I was just getting into reading a magazine when an alarm went off and the bus started slowing down. Then a whole bunch of black awful-smelling smoke came from the back and the driver yelled for us to get off the bus. So, we had the fun of standing on the shoulder of the highway for 15 - 20 minutes. First the cops, then a fire truck, and then a replacement bus. Since there's so much down time in my schedule heading to church, I was still able to get there on time even with the delay. And thankfully since the driver stopped so quickly, the bus did not catch fire or do anything more scary than black smoke. Hopefully I'll be back to 'boring' rides going forward!

     My federal tax refund is already deposited! Computer shopping, here I come!

     Feels wonderful to have my short story 'Relentless,' that I was given for my 25th anniversary of first meeting t'DoL, all edited and ready for readers. Hopefully the illustration can be done before the 26th anniversary, ha ha.

     Pass 1 work on the Geren book 4 is going marvelously (in part because it is so hard to stop!). I'm already past 65%!

     Blessed by a great evening at the Towners on Tuesday, good food and wonderful company, and a treat to hear about how they're determined to get in shape and take care of their health.

     Today is a fun day! 25 years plus 25 days!