April 14th, 2018

Grumpy Heruvael

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Bright spots in a slew of bad days:

     Over a week ago, I had fun over dinner watching the black bear on the Glacier National Park webcam. He was very active and I had to get screenshots. Later he went climbing so high in the tree I was afraid he would fall, then came back to his hole (feet-first) with a branch he carried down to play with.

     To help with moving files between my desktops Tertius and Quartus, I bought a 32 Gb flash drive that has a USB type A 2.0/3.0 plug on one side and USB 3.1 type C on the other. Both me and my boss were amazed, because there doesn't seem like there is any space for the actual 32 GB between the two plugs--I think it's in an alternate dimension somewhere! It's also so small it might accidentally be eaten, ha ha!

     Tuesday night I had a fantastic time with the Towners, over great chili that quite suited this April-masquerading-as-February. Joe and I got talking techy geek stuff and poor Mary might have dozed off a time or two!

     What a relief on Wednesday at work to be blessed with a solution to a feature in a project I've been trying to add (been brainstorming it over months because it was so challenging). I thought I had it built last week, then discovered a major loophole when I tried to break it with testing on Monday. Thank you, God, for 'genius' ideas!

     What a Friday the 13th! The mother-of-all-storms is moving in, so I knew any errand running and shopping had to happen Friday after work. I'd been blessed to get a few items by shopping over lunch Thursday, but the downtown Byerlys/Lunds didn't have everything I needed. So that meant the fun of a hike to a different food store. I got to see icy rain and then delightful graupel while waiting for the bus, bouncing and skittering everywhere. But that turned into hail as I was walking. Thankfully, it was just pea-sized or smaller. I was listening to music on my MP3 player and the song 'Diamonds' by Hawk Nelson came on. That was when I realized that over half of the hailstones falling were shaped like diamonds--that is, like solitaire cut gemstones, with one end pointed and the other wide. Or like Hershey's chocolate kisses, but they were far too stark a white to resemble chocolate. So neat! I'm grateful that the wind was never directly in my face while it was hailing, my big hood helped keep it off me, and I was able to finally get the last items I needed. I can stay snowbound for the rest of the storm now without issue, and thank God that the next storm isn't due until after I hop on an airplane!

     I'm grateful I can sign in and work from home on a Saturday like today, since I would not want to be traveling! BD wanted my help with testing a production change before Monday, and thankfully it all went smoothly and wrapped up at 9:30.