May 1st, 2018


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More California highlights as I prepare to head home:

     My wonderful mom made Key Lime pie! This not using juice from a bottle, but Key limes she buys herself--so good!

     On Friday, my mom and I took my three oldest nephews to the Tech museum in San Jose. Traffic was bad again heading home, but otherwise it went quite well. The omnitheater movie 'Dream Big' was fantastic, and we had fun with the earthquake simulator, jet pack, and X Degrees of Separation by Google...among others!

     In case I wasn't getting spoiled enough, my mom made fresh-squeezed orange juice for me a couple mornings. Delicious!

     What with all the eating fun, I'm the more grateful for my parents (admittedly dusty) exercise bike. It's too big to be moved around, unlike mine at home, but I was grateful I could use Starfish and Amazon Prime streaming to have something to watch while I pedaled.