May 9th, 2018


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Recent highlights:
     When I was in California, I took my mom to an international grocery store that had lots of Goya products. To my delight, I found they sold frozen sweet plantains and bought a couple small packages to bring back to Minnesota. So last weekend, that was my excuse to make Cuban-style black beans and try them out. They are delicious baked or fried, and I'm delighted I found them!
     Fun to have a meeting with my boss and then spend the last 10 minutes talking over plot points and characters in Avengers: Infinity War!
     Tuesday night was special. Had dinner with the Towners and showed them photos from my trip. But we were also greatly entertained by all the activity at their bird feeders. I spotted a male rose-breasted grosbeak the moment I walked in, and got to show them that the jumbo 'sparrows' were actually the females. Got to wrack my brain too, when I spotted a bird I couldn't name...after a while I realized it was a female Baltimore Oriole. And of course cardinals, chipping sparrows, chickadees, mourning doves, goldfinches, house finches, a grackle, a male downy woodpecker, a single rabbit and some squirrels. But best of all was the shocking blessing of two male indigo buntings coming there as well! Joe got photos to send to my mom, it was such a special treat! They look really tiny next to a mourning dove!
     Very grateful for some rain and a break with the temperatures. The weekend felt like July, but for a couple days it will be nice to have it actually feel like spring!