May 13th, 2018


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Recent delights:

     It has been a treat both to have cool mornings the past few days, and to spot the first violets and creeping Charlie flowers as I walk to the bus stop, along with some early tulips.

     Thursday evening was special. Got together at a restaurant quite close to the Towner's house to celebrate Aaron turning 40. That meant the inflatable walker (along with the other over-the-hill stuff that my brother sent to me when I turned 40, and I sent back to him when he turned 40) got to see more use. The waitresses were quite amused!

     A big blessing from the Towners--they let me borrow their extra minivan from Thursday evening to Sunday to cut down on driving me back and forth. With that, I got to do a big grocery shopping run Friday (and not have to worry about weight/bulkiness unlike when I'm shopping by bike or with my cart). On Saturday, I got to Gerten's and the local garden shop to purchase gardening supplies and plants for my garden, as well as running some other errands. Now I'm broke, but it was wonderful to be able to get that shopping taken care of.

     Except when Mother's Day falls quite early, in my area it's right around the time when the crabapples, apples, and lilacs start blooming. I was sure they wouldn't make it this year, with that monster blizzard so recent. But the warm weather this month has caused the plants to sprint to catch up, and to my delight I started spotting the earliest crabapple blooms on Friday. The lilacs didn't quite make it, but a delight to see the trees blooming for spring, as well as hear the house wren singing and see that the swallows are back.