May 29th, 2018


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Recent blessings:

     It has been crazy hot of late, so the spring flowers were very short-lived, but I quite enjoyed the delicious smells during my walks to and from the bus stop over the past week when the lilacs were blooming.

     Thanks to my mom's kindness at the outlet mall, I got some nice sandals for only $20. And it sure helps to be able to wear those when it's 90+ outside!

     Very, very grateful for my wall AC and especially my portable one that I set up in my bedroom. After the printing press, best invention ever! ;)

     This 4th-of-July-temps record-setting heat wave was perfect for making my first batch of nice cold emerald soup and I quite enjoyed it over the long weekend.

     I planted the seeds on February 25, and moved the seedlings outside a few weeks back. They've just loved the steamy sunny warmth of late and took off--my first dwarf morning glory flower started opening today, just a little after the flowers on the plants I gave to my mom. Looking forward to seeing more of them!