June 19th, 2018


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So glad for air conditioning during a weekend with humidity imported from Florida!

     A thunderstorm with hail came through Saturday morning before 6 am, and it was from the south so my deck had no protection. But I'm glad I was up, and able to get out there and cover most of my garden fast enough that the damage was fairly minimal. Could have been much worse, or happened when I was not around.

     I lost my old falling-apart umbrella on the bus recently; made it through a week an a half and only had to lug around my stick umbrella once. My replacement was delivered Saturday, and I already needed to use it Monday morning and twice on Tuesday. Great timing!

     I really enjoyed having a quiet weekend, even if I spent it holed up with the AC going to escape insane dew points up to 77 and a night where it only got DOWN to around 80. Felt good to catch up with some stuff, do a little organizing, and get rolling with two projects.

     One of those projects is switching Geren book 4 pass 2 work back to bus rides. There's only one chapter outstanding that needs a huge amount of rewriting, and that's close enough to the end that I can put it off and work my way through the rest of the book until I have time (a spare day or more) to address it. So glad to finally be moving again!

     Today was another example of being blessed at my job by the awareness I have due to my family living in a different time zone. On multiple occasions I've caught an oversight for the Canada offices: today's example was my realization that shutting down for the publish at 3:30 in Minnesota is really not a good time for the west coast, so at least I got to warn them beforehand!