October 29th, 2018

Black squirrel

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Recent delights:

     Deliciousness is SweeTango apple cider from the apple orchard. Yum!

     Thanks to being able to use the Towners minivan, I got out to the Natural Foods store Saturday and got the ingredients I need for making my next batch of homemade granola.

     It's been on and off since February, and more off than on, but Saturday I FINALLY finished my 'Relentless' illustration, which I planned as my 25th anniversary image, but also ended up spawning its own story, thanks to God's grace. I've already had fun doing puzzles with the image!

     Made some homemade applesauce Sunday and now I get to enjoy it!

     Pleased with my Geren book 4 pass 5 progress this weekend, and getting up to the part where I can't stop certainly doesn't hurt! ;)

     Least favorite time of the year is here, so signing off for a bit.