November 10th, 2018


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I think my area skipped November and headed straight to December. So I have lots of gratitude for the minivan this past week!

     Nice to drive to the polls after work Tuesday and not deal with walking there through snow and ice and very cold wind. Also grateful to have it for shopping Saturday morning, as it was a record-shattering 11 degrees out!

     On Thursday my employer had their first benefits and community fair. Lots of freebies I'll actually get to use: travel-sized toothpaste and a new toothbrush, a pen, a cookie, and two cloth bags I'm very glad to have for shopping, since one of my old ones is falling apart.

     A really nice evening at the Towners on Friday, enjoying dinner from the local Mexican restaurant, along with flan. Pat and Greg came too, and it was a wonderful time.

     A treat in the mail: after three-plus weeks of waiting, got the gift cards I'd picked out for my 20th service anniversary. Now I'm anticipating the fun of USING them!