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Shouts · of · Joy

Goodies big and small:      Friday evening…

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Goodies big and small:

     Friday evening was food shopping night, and I realized on the way to the store that I'd forgotten to copy my shopping list from Notepad to paper. Oops! So I'm delighted I got home to find I'd only forgotten one thing, and that was something I'm just stockpiling in advance for summer and won't need until May.

     Went out to see 'How to Train your Dragon' in 3d today, and quite enjoyed it! A thoroughly engaging movie. (And saw a trailer for another movie that's got me quite excited.)

     Hit the 3000 posts mark over at the Windstone Forum today as well--been anticipating that for quite some time.

     AND, this evening's book 5 writing session got my to the breaking-point I wanted. Now I can focus on getting ready for my trip in a week, and be content I'm leaving Geren and t'DoL at as 'happy' a spot as any, until I come back to book 5 in the autumn, perhaps. And over 50,000 words for 2010, whee!
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