February 4th, 2020


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Sundry blessings:

     Various charitable giving receipts that I need for taxes have started showing up over the past few days, hurrah!

     After the gloomiest January I've ever seen (cloudiest in 50+ years), what a blessing to have a few hours of precious sunlight the morning of February first, and then pretty much the entire day on Sunday the second. Not only sunny, but on Sunday it was 40s! I took a walk after church; it felt like March.

     I've been making good enough progress with Geren book 5 edits that I let myself start on a small art project, since I don't have enough winter wallpaper images.

     My new glasses were ready for pick-up faster than I expected. Got them Monday after work, and now I'm grateful for the internet to keep me from freaking out about feeling like I'm in some surrealist painting!