February 8th, 2020


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Recent delights:

     So glad to make it to a weekend! Work was quite grueling at times, between my boss starting her new job elsewhere, the downstairs supervisor being on vacation, stuff going wrong, and trying to adjust to my new glasses.

     I've tried various milk substitutes over the past year or so, since lactose-free organic milk is a bit pricey and in the winter most of my milk use is in hot cereals. Finally landed on a winner for me--oat milk! It goes fabulously with oatmeal, and isn't too bad with cereal either.

     Blessed to have some clearer days this week, and thrilled to see some predawn light as I drove to the park and ride one morning.

     Been greatly enjoying watching Pixar/Disney shorts on Disney+ of late. 'Party Central' is a new favorite, I rediscovered 'Inner Workings,' and resavored existing favorites like 'Partly Cloudy' and 'For The Birds.'

     Finally got to check out the winter farmers market that takes place twice a month near where I live. Got some granola to tide me over until I have the time and money to make more of my own, and was happy to see the other selections.
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