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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent good stuff:      So, my former boss…

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Recent good stuff:

     So, my former boss moved to her new desk on the 20th floor of the other building Tuesday. (*sniff*) But I was quite amused that it didn't take her long at all to find I was on the company IM service. She's already IMed me twice about various things, and as she's been over to work on a test scanner in my area, it's definitely easing the pain of the loss. Glad for that.

     A training session of sorts Tuesday with me using Jodi's laptop hooked up to an overhead projector to show my new boss and two other folks how to do things on the advanced side of IDM Find went well, and I didn't dump too much adrenaline in my blood from stress. Whew, survived it!

     LJ just announced a la carte userpics at LAST! Boy am I going to be having fun this summer! =D
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