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My cat Arun, the mighty hunter, got himself a vole this morning!

     I got up to turn off my alarm and then got back in bed. Arun had jumped out of bed when I had, and sauntered into the dining room. They must have seen each other in that instant, because a moment later there was this burst of desperate squeaking. Shado went charging over to see what was going on, but seemed quite in shock.

     A matter of seconds later, it was silent. I assumed the critter had gotten away, hiding under the refrigerator or something. But when I got up later on, I found a big vole lying dead a few inches away from the refrigerator.

     I'm so proud of him! It's been years since the last one, but he still remembers what he learned from my mom's cat Kali. And he didn't eat it, which I'm glad for as well. (Which meant I got stuck with disposal duties.)

     Nice to know I have a cat that hunts...especially for whenever I move into a house with a basement.
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