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Friday good stuff:

     Second evening of getting to enjoy my mom's fabulous spaghetti and meatballs that she was so kind to make for me and I brought home in my luggage (and got it searched, to boot ;). YUM!

     Very glad my throat is feeling a good bit better than the sore, swollen mess it was on Thursday. Hopefully my immune system can soon run off the rest of the airplane-induced-germ-cornucopia...

     I picked up some sand from Limantour Beach on my trip, and gave it to Dawn today for the start of her new 'collection.' (Never mind she's never even been down to the ocean ;) And it delighted her, yay!

     My chuckle for today: folks who don't appreciate lawn-mowing might find this genius idea as amusing as I did! =D
Tags: job: coworkers, spaghetti

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