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Today's goodies:

     This morning's heavy rains brought my first test to the makeshift 'levee' I'd put in my closet some time back. I'm glad it was at least a partial success--bottled up about six gallons of water in there before it started finding a way past. (Now I just need to figure out the weak spot!)

     Having fun with a small art project and made me a grumpy Heruvael avatar *points up* since I've got a la carte userpics to look forward to. Anyone's guess what he's actually grumbling about... ;)

     Got my pc dusty innards cleaned out today, so I was finally able to resume work on my book 5 'Passage' illustration. And this time, no 'out of memory' failures OR 'thermal event' shutdowns as brought me to a screeching halt before my trip. Just might finish this nuisance yet, YAY!
Tags: art, avatars, book 5: other

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