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Well, aside from it being my wonderful sister-in-law's birthday today, it's also the birthday of my older cat Arun. And a special birthday too: he turns 10 today! Can't believe it's been a full decade.

     Of course I had to take pictures, though they're not great since it was a rainy, gloomy weekend (so I haven't put up the outside enclosure as I'd hope to do for their birthdays). So here's one, and here's another, and here's one of Arun making a funny face!.

     Also, I'm starting my first internet 'fast' of this year tonight, so I won't be around until sometime in May. Hopefully I'll remember to get photos of Shado, since he turns 7 on Tuesday. =)

     Back next month!
Tags: birthdays, pets: arun, photos
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