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     Corey brought some cheese made from goat-milk to work and let Dawn and I try some (Dawn was too chicken ;). That was neat! Of course it made me think of Copper and his homeland of Avarome... (And a good excuse to use my new Copper 'food' avatar! It's a good thing there aren't McDonalds in his world, heh.)

     It was nice to finally have a picture I could put up at my Vue Gallery, as most of my projects see a bit of work in Photoshop Elements, and aren't really 'raw' Vue renders. So 'Passage' gets to stir up the nearly 3 years of dust over there!

     After spending Saturday fighting with Poser and Sunday fighting with Vue, and getting really frustrated and down over my inability to fix what wasn't working--THANK GOD FOR A BREAKTHROUGH!!! Finally figured out tonight what I was doing wrong (after taking the last two evenings off to try to regain mental stability =P) So relieved!
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