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Recent goodies:

     Got to see 'Iron Man 2' today and had a lot of fun! The 12:30 pm showing was quite a bit fuller than I expected.

     Goodies in the mail from my parents today: the sundry food items I forgot to bring back with me from California...and season 5 of 'Foyle's War,' yay!

     After months of being above-average, we're finally having a cool streak here in Minnesota--so great timing to thaw out some of my mom's wonderful spaghetti sauce and make spaghetti. Looking forward to having the rest tomorrow!

     Best of all, finally got rolling again with Delarun section 4, though I expect it's going to be touchy all through. At least I've learned one lesson: Delarun is steeped in sunlight and warmth, and I just can't write it easily in the winter.
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