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Happiness is...

     A delightful story! My thanks to kcscribbler for the fun I've had lately with her NaNoWriMo story of 2009 (called 'However Improbable'). It's a crossover: Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson getting sucked into the world of Star Trek OS, thanks to the Guardian of Forever. I was delighted by the premise, but that didn't match the amount of fun I had reading it. What a romp! And nice to know there's fun, engaging fanfic out there that's NOT infested with slash.

     Hopefully Corey's as well, as him and his wife are off to France today, and he won't be back at work until June. I'm going to be very busy covering for him the rest of the month, but I'm grateful I can at least delegate some of his work!

     Being at 96% on my days-long render, and hopefully done by morning! *crosses fingers*
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