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Okay, here's a sort of catch-up photo post for things either during the internet fast or my recent 4 days and 18 hours of Vue rendering!

     Can't forget Shado's birthday, since I shared some shots of Arun earlier. Shado turned 7 on April 27, here's a close-up and a full body shot I got the day after his birthday.

     If it weren't for the internet fast the last week of April, I would certainly have been babbling about the fantastic views I got to enjoy walking to the bus those mornings. This crabapple was just jaw-droppingly vivid!

     Though the wind and rain have long since destroyed those lovely blossoms, I've been having my own personal spring on my windowsill, as my streptocarpus plants are all in bloom (Well, except the one I keep at work, who keeps getting threatened with a graphic demise if it doesn't bloom by June... ;)
Tags: flowers, pets: shado, photos
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