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A trio of delights:

     I love it when inspiration bites! Got a wonderful idea for an avatar Tuesday morning before work, so I jotted down the dialogue before rushing out the door as I knew I'd forget it otherwise. Then I took the photos Tuesday night, and was able to get it all assembled Saturday with hardly a hitch. Lovely when a project goes smoothly! I know a couple of you noticed it Saturday, but here's a link to a bigger version.

     Was up early today and at the Towner's at 6 am to get instructions on checking up on Aaron's cat and drive the five of them to the airport in their minivan. I hope they have a FABULOUS time in Florida this week, and I'm so delighted to get a chance to help them in return after all the rides to the airport and care for my cats they've given ME!

     And I'm thrilled to have finally finished chapter 2 of section 4 of 'Delarun,' as it's only been giving me trouble since I started it. Got 'Delarun' past the 30k mark too, and found a great excuse to let myself have mozzarella sticks, as it's been over a month since last time! =)
Tags: art, avatars, delarun, mozzerella sticks
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