Joelle Duran (shout_of_joy) wrote in shouts_of_joy,
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Happy that...

     My first two days of work this week haven't been bad at all. It's been a big blessing that volumes have been extremely low while Kathy's out, and that Nancy is helping me with Corey's work a nice chunk of the day.

     Pleased with the progress I'm making with a fairly sizable art project I started Sunday...and delighted (and distracted) by the fun of having Geren and t'DoL together in a (3d) picture for the first time. =)

     Got started on chapter 3 of 'Delarun' part 4 this evening, and I'm delighted by the feeling that this chapter won't be fighting me for every paragraph like the last one. (Let's see what I think when I get to the 'romance-y' bits, heh heh). Can't wait until I can get back to it Thursday! (Because Wednesday is Teabag evening, and hopefully I remember to bring camera and cat toys...)
Tags: art, delarun, job: work
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