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     Plenty of goodies at work this week: first Shelley found two forgotten boxes of Girl Scout cookies when she was organizing her space, then she brought in raisin bran muffins on Friday. Sure getting spoiled around here!

     To celebrate payday Friday, Shelley, Kathy, and I went to check out a new lunch venue: the Barrio Tequila Bar a few blocks from where we work. Neat decor, and good food too; the potato-chorizo taco with avocado salsa I got was delicious! I'm sure we'll be back.

     Friday evening was my last time checking up on Teabag before the Towners come back Sunday. He was definitely wanting my attention more this time, poor guy, and the toys I brought along (or one of them) were more of a hit than the toys I tried Wednesday. Anyway, for family or the simply curious, here's a shot of him.

     Last but not least, I'm very grateful for a cool, cloudy Friday, after it reaching 80 F/27 C on Thursday, and due to hit 90 F/32 C by Sunday. IT IS NOT JULY AROUND HERE YET! (*snarl*) So thank God for one day of reprieve, and I'm also thanking God for air conditioning and sleeping pills!
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