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     We had some fun on Friday, the three of us who were all that remained for 'my side' of the department. I put a sign on the door, and we all went out to lunch to the Gopher Bar for Coney Islands. It was Dawn's first time (for both venue and food) and she really enjoyed it. Quite fun!

     It getting up past 90 F/32 C again today was great motivation to make my first batch of nice cold Emerald Soup for the summer (never did get around to it last summer). And it sure hit the spot!

     Best of all, plenty of art and writing progress today. Chapter 4 of 'Delarun' section 4 is DONE! I'm actually ahead of schedule! Two days left of my holiday weekend to tackle the comparatively short (and final) chapter 5. *bounces* I think that merits me some onion rings or something, heh heh...
Tags: delarun, emerald soup, job: coworkers
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