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Wednesday winding down already!

     My streptocarpus I've been keeping at work since last fall has been balky. So later this spring I started threatening it that if it didn't bloom by June 1st, I would throw it out on the street. Behold, June 1st! My coworkers are amused that my 'threats' actually worked! ;)

     Corey brought in a bunch of change from his trip before getting it converted back to American currency at the bank. So it was neat to see an assortment of British money, and Euros as well in various denominations, which I don't think I've seen before. (Corey's tale of ransacking London in a vain search for Turkish Delight, only to find it when he got back to Paris, was funny as well.)

     Pleased with how things are going with my birthday project. I've been e-mailing progress images to work for the last week or so, then I can look at it during the day and decide what needs tweaking or redoing. I should try that strategy more often! (Though now it's come far enough I'm probably just spending too much time drooling. ;)

     A treat this morning in the form of a ruckus of birdsong--robins and house wrens, mostly. It was nice to just lie there and take it in...not like I can really sleep well past 4:30 am and it getting light anyway. So it's nice to get 'serenaded'!
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