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Shouts · of · Joy

Thank God for a payday Friday!      Also…

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Thank God for a payday Friday!

     Also very glad for a weekend after some of the messes that have cropped up on the job recently. Too bad it can't be another 3-day one! ;)

     Having way too much fun for lunches on Fridays of late: this is my third week in a row of going out to eat with someone, this time Dawn and I at Chipotle (and Nancy and her older daughter were eating there too!)

     Had far too much fun 'scratching my itch' and read through 7-plus chapters of book 5 since yesterday (and blew past my bedtime, and overslept, etc). Now hopefully I can be 'good' and focus on 'Delarun' editing again! It sure was a treat though. =)
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