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     This weekend is almost over! (Not sure I've felt like that since the major depression year. =P)

     At least my pc is mostly functional after spending hours Saturday night and Sunday morning in what felt like some sort of sadistic chess game trying to figure out what was wrong and get it running. Explorer works now, there isn't something taking 100% of my CPU usage, and I can usually get online without trouble.

     My sick weekend due to my cold was supposed to entail taking it easy. PC troubles rather wrecked that, but I am grateful for all the progress I made on a craft project this weekend, since my brain's not up to editing, and my throat not up to ballad-wrangling. Rather nice, as my craft projects usually get put in last place and delayed for months/years. Now that it's well underway, I have impetus to finish it.

     One pleasure this weekend: enjoying the first four 'House, MD' episodes of the first season! Thanks to Netflix, and especially thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for introducing me to it. I'll be having fun with those this summer (assuming they don't turn me into a hypochondriac! ;)
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