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Well, it was a pretty lovely Monday until I got home...

     I have to say that I am REALLY grateful for Frogmouth (my Netbook) as it's my only link to the 21st century now. I researched at work, and found out I had another virus, but when I got home and went to smash it, it beat me to the draw (darn things seem intelligent sometimes) and now I can't even get my main pc started in safe mode. Kaput. But at least I could get Frogmouth hooked up to my DSL and check e-mails and do some stuff.

     Also have to mention another blessing amidst all the 'fun' of late. Been getting feedback on Hope's Passage from J Schroeder. Which was a delightful surprise, and a much needed pick-me-up. =) She's doing something really wonderful for me too, but I won't post about that until it's finished...
Tags: frogmouth, hope's passage
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