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Focusing on positives:

     Downtown Farmer's Market started today! I made off with a bag of teeny tiny simply adorable red new potatoes. Yum!

     My cold appears to be finally heading in the right direction. And only one coughing fit today at the very end of the workday--almost made it! That's good it's not worse, since I don't want that throat business turning into bronchitis again.

     Happiness is a fresh batch of library books to read, and more on request. Since I can't work on my computer art projects, I need something to keep me distracted!

     I wuv Frogmouth, yes indeed. ;) I wuv my air mattress too! Between the cold wet weather of late, and the better sleeping (if nowhere near long enough) on the air mattress, I might have felt up to trying to write something this coming weekend, if it weren't for the computer mishap... Nice to still be feeling fairly good in the middle of June, cold notwithstanding.
Tags: air mattress, books, farmer's market, frogmouth

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