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Well, today I turn 35...a little bit scary to be halfway through my 30's already! And I wanted to follow up my 'hobbit-style' gift-giving that I did when I turned 33. (As I was in Virginia over my birthday last year, I didn't have time to even think about something like this.)

But I wanted to do a little better than two years ago, and come up with something people might appreciate...and that might actually be useful as well. Hence, bookmarks!

Got my art on them of Geren and t'DoL, and it was rather fun to buy tons of sleeves, tassles, jump-rings, and gilt charms and get them all assembled. I figured people who have read my work, or read a bit in general, could always use another bookmark.

For me it's hopeful sort of celebration as well--making bookmarks to go with my Geren books in the expectation that I might still be 35 when I reach the end of book 5. God alone knows!

But please, let me know if you want one--leave a note below, or drop an e-mail at adaneth [AT] usfamily [DOT] net. I've got a lot of these around, so no worry of running out. And I bought far too many padded envelopes for mailing that I need to get rid of!

Let me know as well if you have any bright ideas what I can give away on my 36th birthday, as I'm still scratching my head over that one. But I'm afraid that cars and flat-screen tvs are quite out of the question. ;)

Thanks for being part of my birthday celebration!
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