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The good stuff:

     I'd mentioned that Dell was so kind as to send me replacement install cds. Well not only that, but they overnighted them!!! So I got them Friday (not that I could do anything with no power all night ;) Today I reinstalled the OS and started on the long process of reinstalling drivers and programs. Very glad that everything is working great!

     Very touching/encouraging, after all that unfun of bailing by candlelight with the turkey baster and plastic lid, to get a call from my aunt in Florida around 8pm asking how I was doing. So sweet of her to notice the horrid weather and check up on me! Then she called again this morning to see if I'd gotten my power back yet.

     Headed off over very messy leaf and branch-strewn streets to the post office this morning to mail thirteen padded envelopes with bookmarks in them. =) The trip turned out being a little longer than I had planned, as when I got to my local post office, I learned that Friday night's storm had blown the roof off! No mail today, I wonder when they'll be figuring out mail routes with that place out of commission. ;)

     Now it's time to savor the last minutes of dryness and perhaps air conditioning and electricity for a while as well. Air conditioning is a wonderful thing, especially with a dewpoint now up to 70. I think I should move my air mattress to work as I'll probably sleep better there! ;)
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