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Ah, I do like the word salvage.

     I was able to do some wonderful salvaging yesterday and today. Back in the middle of March I'd started on a Poser/Vue project I called 'spring preening.' And last weekend, after much struggle and many crashes, and all sorts of blunders in planning, I finally finished it.

     Only to decide I didn't like the final result enough to use it in the fashion I'd planned. It was a bit of a bummer.

     But then Monday at work, thinking over all the projects I want to do, and thinking over the parts of that picture that I was happy with, I got the idea to redo just the part I didn't like, and retain what I was pleased with.

     And it worked! Devoured most of Tuesday evening and a chunk of Wednesday morning, but now I have a new LJ side illustration that looks good at 1024x768 resolution and up, and I am happy.

     It's so delightful when I can salvage a project!

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