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Recent good stuff:

     I'm enjoying the Glacier National Park webcams even more this week, because a robin decided to build a nest right by their mailroom, and they seized the opportunity to point another webcam at it. I love the close-up view!

     Gotten pretty warm again (and they're saying 90 F/32 C for Saturday) so I'm enjoying some nice, cool Emerald Soup--along with the last of the spaghetti sauce my mom sent back with me this spring. Yum!

     Had lunch out with Dawn today, and it was fun to go back to the River Room and use the coupon they gave us last time--hard to beat a nice lunch out for only $6 including the tip!

     Can't forget--thank God for air conditioning!
Tags: birds: other, emerald soup, glacier webcams, job: coworkers, spaghetti
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