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A wonderful three day weekend:

     Got some rain Sunday and Monday, but at least none of the violent storms that had threatened. The poor bruised and battered trees around here can all heave a sigh of relief!

     Since I devoured my Netflix dvd too quickly, I passed the last three days enjoying the three Bourne movies again. Quite a treat!

     Pleased to finish my verbal editing run-through of 'Delarun' section 4 and have it ready to be shared.

     Best of all, got started on a story! Did some writing Sunday night, and then more Monday morning and evening. 'Resurrection' is my answer to my 2010 resolution to "write a happy story," and I'm certainly enjoying myself with it. It's tied in with 'Delarun' and book 5 as well in a way, and will also serve as a sort of 'warm-up' for 'Delarun' section 5. =)
Tags: delarun, movies, resurrection
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