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Thank God for a weekend! That was a thoroughly unpleasant, exhausting, unhappy workweek on a number of fronts, so I am very, very glad that it is OVER. However, there were some good things:

     It was only four days long, rather than five!

     I'm finally done with downloading/uploading/unzipping/reinstalling to my pc. Having to recreate what I've lost will be spread out over months, but at least I'm through this initial phase at last.

     Farmer's Market goodies on Thursday! Hurrah for fresh green beans and new potatoes!

     Thursday also saw the return of air conditioning to the afternoon bus, for which I am very grateful because it was 86 F/30 C today, and having to ride in that hotter-than-the-outside-air contraption on equally hot Tuesday really wiped me out. Hurrah, I don't have to change my work schedule on account of no air conditioning!

     Despite being beat, managed a little more progress on 'Resurrection' Tuesday evening and Friday evening. Going to be longer than I'd expected, but I'm not complaining! =)
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