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Grateful for a pretty good weekend (leaving aside the flooding fun Sunday evening ;)

     I noticed on my drive to and from church that the corn is getting just HUGE! Silks and tassels and a lot of it shoulder-height already. Can't wait for fresh local corn on the cob... *starts drooling*

     Feels good to finally get an art project done after all this computer mess of late (though with what I've lost, I'm severely limited right now). And a nice excuse to do a little venting. I've already made avatars for all the other seasons, after all!

     Also grateful for some decent progress with 'Resurrection.' Sure, I'd hoped to get farther, or even finish it, but--there was the parade down my street and hordes of noisy firetrucks that rather disrupted any attempt at focus on Saturday night. Then, on Sunday, glancing over to see floodwater down the side of my room when I'd checked my closet an hour or so earlier to find it dry as dust--that was a bit of a distraction for a while too! But between distractions and the fact that it's July, I'm grateful for every single paragraph I can get down, believe me!
Tags: art, avatars, resurrection
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