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Sunday ending already:

     Had fun 'venting' this weekend making avatars--the 'rain' one above, and also a 'bad day' one with Geren getting chased by Subverted. Hopefully I won't have cause to use it anytime soon, but whenever I do, hopefully it will help me get perspective! ;)

     It was nice to have one whole day without a drop of rain.

     It was even nicer to finally make some progress on 'Resurrection' again. Just two scenes left, I think.

     Been getting some free entertainment from summer-induced mental/memory collapse. I was standing in the bathroom this morning and I looked down and wondered how long I'd been wandering around in my underpants and when on earth I'd taken off my pj shorts without even noticing...then I glanced over to see them lying there and realized I'd done it 10 seconds earlier! =P I could share a few more, but I fear I've quite forgotten them!

     And one month from today, I'll be getting on a plane for California! Can't wait!
Tags: art, avatars, resurrection
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