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     Perhaps because this has been such a wet summer, I've noticed an abundance of tiny toads lately. In fact, on Thursday, I had to kick two of them out of my apartment! Here's a photo of one I spotted today so you can see how small they are. Adorable!

     Friday evening was shopping night, and on my drive back home I was regaled by a simply stunning sunset. It wasn't colorful, but it was extremely dramatic, with intricate, back-lit clouds and tons of crepuscular rays/godrays. It was just amazing.

     Pleased in my thinking about upcoming book 5 progress to realize that the way my timeline falls out means I won't have to start writing 'Discoveries' in order to finish book 5. Glad for that, as I haven't gotten around to doing much prep-work for it so far this year.

     More fun making avatars this weekend! Above is the waterfall one I made this morning, and I also made a mountain one using the oft-seen lake applet. Here's a bigger version for my mom to see if she recognizes the location!
Tags: avatars, book 5: other, discoveries (novella), photos, skyscapes
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