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An interesting Monday!

     Been having loads of fun with avatar-making lately. Just made a 'maps' one now, and on Sunday I finished the 'Movie' one I'm using here. It was just too much fun plopping a hyarmi cub in a photo of my living room on Poser and having him watch my 'Chibi Hyarmi movie' on my own tv! =D

     And it does actually fit, because my Netflix movie for the weekend was 'Taken,' (with Liam Neeson) and it was a blast dumping so much adrenaline in my bloodstream and watching lots of bad guys get it. Yeah!

     A bit of excitement at work too. We'd planned to have a baby shower for Michelle on Wednesday, and had money riding on who could guess the closest to when the baby was actually born. She was due August 18...and was born in the wee hours July 24! Emergency c-section and I'm very glad they're both doing well. Good thing her temporary replacement was scheduled to start today!
Tags: art, avatars, job: coworkers, movies

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