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Shouts · of · Joy

It's Friday! =D      All my avatar-making…

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It's Friday! =D

     All my avatar-making of late has brought me up to the 50 mark. Only 57 left to go! ;)

     So nice to know that August is around the corner, the average temps are dropping at last (not that the forecast is paying any attention), and especially that the nights are getting longer. Waking up at 4 and struggling to fall asleep again is now the exception rather than the norm. Thank God for that!

     I had a really nice surprise when I went over to the Farmer's Market on Thursday. The Andean band Ecuador Manta (which I'm fond of, and to whom I owe my discovery of Geren's Song) was set up and performing away! So I got to buy a cd along with my corn on the cob. It made me especially happy as I won't be making it to the State Fair this year, due to my trip, and that's when I get to see/hear them. What a blessing!
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