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Confetti-shaker of treats today.

     I headed off to church this morning, turned onto the road next to mine heading right for the train tracks. There was a train passing, and a Maersk car swung into view straight ahead of me. None to the left, none to the right, (and the one below blocked by the ground) just that single glorious seven-rayed Maersk star timed just for me. Cue joyous whooping, because I have to whoop whenever I see a Maersk star.

     Then saw a killdeer as I was driving up the ramp to the overpass. First for 2007 (though usually I hear rather than see them).

     And hey--it got above freezing before noon today! That's progress (ignoring that they're talking snow on Tuesday).

     Also finished my 'The Stalking' illustration for my portal page--I cannot get enough of Trapper Arun & his fledgling. Of course I had to make me a wallpaper for work as well...

     Just got done working out my property tax rebate and will mail it tomorrow. $285 of juicy cash I can squander when my mom comes to visit in June. Whee!

     Last but not least, I'll be celebrating by watching the Miracle Maker soon. That movie is always a blessing.
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