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Recent blessings:

     J Schroeder put up a story written for me on Elfwood! It was for some comment prize some time ago, and it was just a treat. First, that she hadn't forgotten, and secondly, that it got Mod's Choice over there. What a pleasant surprise!

     It was an unpleasant 92 F/33 C for the walk home yesterday, but all the way I was thankful that the dewpoint had dropped from its horrid level of 74 in the morning. A dewpoint of a 'mere' 65 gave a heat index of 97 F/36 C, which was far, FAR more bearable than what I was bracing for if the dewpoint hadn't dropped. Just two weeks until I go to CA...just two weeks until I go to CA...I can make it...

     It has been a joy hearing the crickets of late (though I barely hear them when it's never cool enough/unhumid enough to open the windows!) Still, that faint ripple of sound is sweet, because it means that summer is wearing down--certainly I never hear them in June or early July. Past the halfway point, accelerating down the slope to coolness and autumn and life. Crickets are wonderful.
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