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A nice treat today: my employer celebrated its 130th anniversary, and so we all got free ice cream. They had stands set up, with cute umbrellas even though it was inside, big shiny balloons spelling 130, the people serving wearing those short, flat-topped hats, canned ice cream shop music, and somebody dressed up in an old-fashioned suit who looked remarkably like the founder of the company. Though I'm not usually big on ice cream, with how hot it's been lately, it was a real treat to get some great tasting strawberry sorbet and peppermint bon bon ice cream!

     Also nice to have it cloudy but not yet raining for my drive to the fire station to vote in the state primary election. Usually I just get off the bus and walk there...but not in this weather! Still, it was funny to run across one of the ladies who rides the morning bus with me serving as an election judge.
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