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Focusing on the positives...

     It was a blessing I woke up and had to use the bathroom at 11:30 last night. That happens too often in the summer months, but usually between 1:30 - 3:30 am. It was then I realized it was still raining, and discovered that my closet and my entire room had flooded thanks to a third round of storms that day I hadn't known was coming. Of course, with the wretched humidity/heat as bad as it is, the throw rug and everything else is extremely slow to dry, but I'm very glad I didn't sleep through the entire night with my place filling up with water.

     I spotted a hummingbird on my walk home from the bus! Rather surprised I'd notice anything with another day of over 90 F/32 C and obscene humidity--but I saw it (probably she) flitting around the hollyhocks of the garden I like, then she shot off and perched on the electric line for half a second. SO tiny!

     A treat in the mail too, in the form of a 'owie booboo' card from the apheresis center with a bandaid on it, because they beat me up in my attempted donation last Saturday (my iron was actually high enough, then three nurses spent over twenty minutes wiggling the needle around in my left arm trying to hit the vein). They don't want me to chicken out of trying again (as if) but it was very sweet of them to send it! =) Can't forget the haul of freebies I got Saturday because they felt bad for me!
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