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Friday the 13th goodies:

     Getting to add a story to my 'What's Cooking...' page is always a delight.

     I was awake from 3:30ish am listening to a storm, and bailing floodwater from 4:30 am...and very grateful that it stopped before I had to head to work, and that it didn't rain during the workday despite the menacing forecast. And tonight is looking a lot better than earlier forecasted as well, thank God! Neeeeeeeed sleeeeeeep...

     Finally, after all the infernal rain this summer, I finally got to see a bit of a rainbow this evening--my first for August!

     Today, at last, was payday, so my four weeks of trying to live off one paycheck (since the 'extra' paycheck in July is for my trip) are at an end. Whew!
Tags: rainbows, what's cooking
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