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Counting down...a little over a day before I'm outta here!

     I've been having fun indulging my 'left-handedness' over the last few weeks. Read all I've written of book 5, then later reread the latter chapters...then reread the last 1/3 of book 4, then reread the first 2/3rds, and now I'm going through the second half of book 3. This is fun!

     A lovely unhumid summer day Monday that made my walk home just a glorious treat, and another delicious night to follow. (Though I won't let my place get below 70ish as I get cold fast on the air mattress...but Shado already thinks it's arctic in here and is sulking!) Sure is nice to get some better sleep and not have to worry about rain...nice to feel a bit refreshed and recharged, though the bad side of that is that I want to start writing, NOW. ;)
Tags: book 3: other, book 4: other, book 5: other
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